Color sorter is an optical machine inspects grains by means of digital cameras and removes contaminants by a short burst of compressed air by separates grains according to color differences. The color difference should not be less than 25% of color property of good grain and bad grains.
The grain passes through the inclined surface with high acceleration. Machine will tag every grain with a color difference of good and bad, the bad grains are ejected from normal path using pneumatics
Tonnage means the machine can sort, number of Kilograms / Ton in one hour. This is the addition of sorted grain plus rejected grain.
Unwanted colors which is to be sorted out. This is measured in grain counting percentage.
Purity means Quality of the sorted output measured in percentage. Sorted Sample Grains are separated manually and good count verses reject count calculated in %
Rejected Grains also has some good grains. This is a loss to the customer. Orange machines perform best and provide very less good grains ratio in the final rejection
Resorting may be necessary for small size grains to get best rejection ratio
Yes. Provided the size within specific range. Our application team can guide
Please follow provided instructions and drawings in manuals.
Air compressor and air dryer with filters, Cv/Cf or Power Stabilizer, Air conditioner, elevators
Yes. Limited applications can be used. Depends upon the commodities performance will be changed.
Throughput will be 15% more than rice. Based on the model our sales team can guide you to select.
Big camera or the camera used with best suitable model will perform best sorting
Yes. We have OMM facility in machine .You can check in machine itself.
There are many ways to improve mechanical life in which parts are important for maintenance. In Air quality / Dust free input / Air conditioned cabin, etc will improve good life
SSLC or He must know read and write in English or Regional languages.
Machine will ensure its health for better performance.
If the power quality is average and if the customer use Electric Generators, it will be good to use Good CVCF.
Wiper Blade, Air tubes, Glass, Dust Filters, Air Filters, Damaged fasteners (one use).
We recommend customers to use genuine spares. The Service spares are quality tested and made available at economical price from our Service support division. We can provide warranty for the materials and every part changes in the machine is recorded in Our ERP Software SAP to track the life of our machines with every customer
To ensure smooth flow of grains. To avoid electrostatic charges in plastic will affect grain flow
It must be stored maximum 25% to 30% of the Running Capacity.
Ensure the Filter life indicator. Refer our manual daily /weekly / monthly maintenance. Must use recommended oil only. List attached here
Please contact our demo center available at Head Office. Or Write email to marketing@orangesorter.com  and   samples@orangesorter.com  and   demo@orangesorter.com
Machines in stock will be delivered in three days. Special commodity requirement will need two weeks Lead time
Single phase 230 V, 50 Hz. Power rating will be changed, refer our Catalogue.

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