Short supply of Ground Nut being addressed

Short supply of Ground Nut being addressed

Shortage in the supply of groundnut seed by the A.P. Cooperative Oilseeds Growers Federation Limited has led to delay in its disbursement in 22 out of 63 mandals in the district.

“The situation is being brought under control,” district Collector S. Satyanarayana and Joint Director of Agriculture Habib Basha told the media here on Tuesday.

While 10,000 quintals was procured from Karnataka on Tuesday, 7,000 quintals would be procured on Wednesday, they said.

Disbursement of 3 lakh quintals of the seed would be completed by July 15 in all aspects.

To implement the government’s guidelines of providing 75% of the requirement on 40% subsidy, procurement was being done, they said. Recently, the Commissioner of Agriculture, while reviewing the supply position in the district, had said the government was ready to supply 40,000 quintals beyond the 75% quota.

So far, 2.12 lakh quintals was positioned at the mandal distribution points and, of that, 1.99 lakh quintals had already been disbursed, the Collector said. Referring to the reports that acute shortage was there at Madakasira, the Collector said 90% of the 5,900 quintals needed (4,530 quintals) was already disbursed in that mandal and 5,350 quintals was available at the distribution point.

Kalyandurg, Kundurpi, Uravakonda, and Tadipatri mandals received 50% of the projected need, and the
farmers were given specific dates for disbursal depending on the daily supplies received.

Alternative Crops

Focus was on ensuring that the small farmers got benefited first, Mr. Satyanarayana said. After July 15, the focus would be on disbursing seed for alternative crops in case rains did not help groundnut
sowing. Millets such as ragi would be the first priority followed by castor, red gram and green gram, and an action plan had already been prepared, he said.

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