Tea Sorter

Types Of Commodity That Can Be Sorted

Orthodox Tea

Green Tea
  • Stalk removal While picking leaf and bud due to non standard some of the stalk also picked, this stalks reduces the Tea quality. The color of the stalk is different from color of leaf, by using this difference DS & TS Series will remove stalk without leaf wastage.
  • Bloom Processed tea will be having bloom on it surface [glossy effect] when tea hits over another [or] in Foreign particles [or] Foreign body will make tea to lose the bloom.
  • Tea Breakage Tea leaf is an very light and fragile material, the leaf tends to break if it is handled at higher speed and force, we are maintaining sophisticated slow moving feeding conveyor geared elevator, distribution vibrators and delivery conveyors to avoid leaf breaks.

Special Features Multi stage

Self Intelligent Settings / Real-time Online Service for Software upgrade, data exchange, Diagnostics, technical support / Image Capturing Technology / Silver Tip, Golden Tip retaining Option / Reverse Mode Action / Grading Option Precise defect removal of yellow stalk / Brown Stalk / Black Stalk.


  • High sensitivity, High resolution, High speed camera with 12,288 pixels and built in Binning option.

    Camera with 60,000 scans per second, Image processor gets 12,28,80,000 pockets of pixel data in one second

    High speed Ejectors with response time of 1 milli second are used .

    American FPGAs with 50 million gates fabricated using 28 nano meter advanced technology

    PCBs are Gold Coated for very high quality and enhanced life.

    MatriXLED with controlled wavelength are used for excellent uniform visibility.

    German make LAPP cables are used for long life.

  • Quad Level Sorting Technology With the all new Tea Sort TS Series & DS Series color sorters you can now set different levels to sort precise spot defect, color defect and chalky. Tea Sort TS Series & DS Series is equipped with Defect Grouping by Dark and Light sorting technology. It can group the defects at two levels as color defect & spot defect and at each group it can sort dark and light defect thus giving you the benefits of 4 levels of sorting for your input commodity.

  • Software  The Intelligent Edge Detection and outline Mapping technology find shape, Spot Detect and Size of Defect.

  • Performance Purity with proportional Tonnage and Good rejection ratio are key performance indicators of your BRAND and BUSINESS.

    Image processing with DSP makes CAMSORT DIGITAL to give best performance to cost ratio. Images are being supported by 99.9% identical high performance LEDs.

  • Reliability FPGAs integrate number of Silicon components with ultra high density and increase the reliability. The FPGAs used in our sorters were earlier were used in Space Science for better reliability
  • Intelligent G-defect system-Intelligent Group Defect Control System. Individual sensitivity adjustments for specific defects, like Spot, Low Color, High Color. Ultimate detection of all known defects.

    The performance factors are kept consistent over period. AutO Hue maintain the operator set quality same as in a whole batch

  • Longevity Life of sorters are mainly decided by life of ejectors. Optimisation of number of cycles is achieved with intelligent Ejector Control Software.
  • Easy operation selection makes user to set the OptiTune required quality in a short time for any new Batch. Auto Background setting allows less time to get optimum performance. It has 64 Pre set Programs which user can select at flick of a button to get required performance.
  • Easy serviceability OMM 2.0(Online support) – Advanced total care of remote support allows user to access the important parameters with in limit and early warning for any abnormal conditions. Diagnostic alarming helps us to do preventive maintenance .
  • Running cost ROI Intelligent defect detection and Ejection control system makes sorter to consume appreciably Lowest Air. In turn it reduces the powers consumption of sorting system.
  • Dust Control Suction blower with adequate negative pressure incorporated in Camsort Digital. It keeps inspection area clean and enhances performance and reliability (Optional).

Technical Specifications

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