Tea Sorter

Types Of Commodity That Can Be Sorted

Orthodox Tea

Green Tea
  • Stalk removal While picking leaf and bud due to non standard some of the stalk also picked, this stalks reduces the Tea quality. The color of the stalk is different from color of leaf, by using this difference DS & TS Series will remove stalk without leaf wastage.
  • Bloom Processed tea will be having bloom on it surface [glossy effect] when tea hits over another [or] in Foreign particles [or] Foreign body will make tea to lose the bloom.
  • Tea Breakage Tea leaf is an very light and fragile material, the leaf tends to break if it is handled at higher speed and force, we are maintaining sophisticated slow moving feeding conveyor geared elevator, distribution vibrators and delivery conveyors to avoid leaf breaks.

Special Features Multi stage

Self Intelligent Settings / Real-time Online Service for Software upgrade, data exchange, Diagnostics, technical support / Image Capturing Technology / Silver Tip, Golden Tip retaining Option / Reverse Mode Action / Grading Option Precise defect removal of yellow stalk / Brown Stalk / Black Stalk.


Technical Specifications

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